10 Tips on How to Ride Jakarta’s @CommuterLine

Jakarta’s @CommuterLine is a fast, affordable, and reliable public transportation in the capital nowadays. You can travel around Greater Jakarta with only max Rp. 7000 (or less than USD 1). Here are some tips to ride @CommuterLine and travelling like locals. You’ll also save money on taxi fare and beat the traffic to your destination.

Obtain the @CommuterLine Map

Well, unfortunately PT KCJ, the @CommuterLine operator, did not provide portable map that you can get at the station, but you can print the map from their website or through our website. You can also find the map above the cars doors. Keep the map all the time with you

There are 6 lines of @CommuterLine with different colors, the Green Line, Brown Line, Pink Line, Yellow Line, Red Line, and Blue Line. Please remember there are transit stations such as Manggarai, Jatinegara, Kampung Bandan, Jakarta Kota, Duri, and Tanah Abang. Manggarai is indeed the central transit station for @CommuterLine

Determine your location

Determine the @CommuterLine station nearest to your location and the one nearest to your destination. The @CommuterLine is not stopping at some stations such as Gambir, Cipinang, Mampang, Ancol, Tanjung Priok, Angke, Grogol, Taman Kota, and Tanah Tinggi. While in Senen station, the @CommuterLine only stop when travel from Jatinegara to Depok/Bogor.

Purchase the @CommuterLine card

There are two type of @CommuterLine card; the first is the single trip card and the second is the multi trip card. It is better to have a multi trip card to avoid long queue to purchase and returning the single trip card. You can purchase a multi trip card in the station for Rp. 50.000 with the balance for Rp. 30.000.

Alternatively, you can also use other electronic card issued by some bank such as e money (Mandiri Bank), Brizzi (BRI), Tap Cash (BNI), and BCA Flazz (BCA). Before you can use your electronic card, please activate your electronic card the reader. The reader usually located near the ticket counter

Left and Right

You must tap your card before entering the platform in the station. To enter the electronic gate, keep your card with your left hand and tap the card to the gate. If you want to exit from the platform, keep your card with your right hand and tap the card to the gate

Listen to the Announcement

Listen to the announcement at the station and also inside the cars. @CommuterLine stations are also clearly marked with the name of the station on the wall. Please remember all the announcement is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. If you don’t understand, always ask the officer at the station, at least by saying your destination station. They can help you to ride on the right line.

Wait and be patient

Step onto the train after all departing passengers have gotten off. No need to hurry to get into the cars, it can be dangerous for you and others.

Hold On at Hand Rail

If you don’t get a seat, make sure you find a hand rail to hold when the train begins to move — it is difficult to keep steady without holding on when the @CommuterLine starts and stops, as it is not always as smooth a ride as you might hope. And no one likes it when you fall on them because you weren’t holding on.

Move to the Center of the Car

When @CommuterLine are crowded, it is important to move to the center of the car to make room for other riders. Standing by the door will only makes other passenger difficult to get in and get off the train.

Keep Your Bags (and Your Feet) Off the Seats

Keep in mind that even if the @CommuterLine isn’t very crowded when you board, it may get more crowded quickly, so you should keep your bags on your lap or in the storage above the chair.Keeping your feet off the seat ensures that other passengers have a clean place to sit.

Never seat on the floor

Avoid rush hour

If you want to travel for leisure matter, make sure you are not travelling in rush hour. Rush hour usually happened in the morning and in the afternoon. In the morning, the rush hour is happened from 6.00 to 9.00 and from sub urban to the center. While in the afternoon the rush hour is happened from 16.00 to 19.00 and from the center to sub urban.


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