How to Use the Jakarta’s @CommuterLine

The Greater Jakarta @CommuterLine is Jakarta modest train system that offers a fast and inexpensive way to get around. The CommuterLine serve the traveler to travel in Jakarta and its surrounding cities.

The Map

Make sure you have a map of @CommuterLine. You can download the map from this website or see the map inside the car. There are 6 different routes with different colors on the maps.

The Card

Buy a single trip card or multi trip card. It is advisable for you to have the multi trip card. The cards can be purchased from a clerk at a station. The fare iscalculated based onthe distance. For the first five stations you only need to pay Rp 2000 and for three additional stations you only add Rp. 500.

Board the @CommuterLine platform.

To enter and exit from the @CommuterLine station, tap your card to the gate. Make sure you are going in the right direction.

Get on the train

In some @CommuterLine station, they will have different lines traveling through a single station. Be careful to board the correct train, pay attention to the announcement or ask the officer at the station. When the train arrives, allow passengers to exit before you board. You can sit or stand. If standing, keep your balance by holding on hand rail.

Get off at your destination

You can generally find the route of @CommuterLine by looking at your personal map or the map in every @CommuterLine car. As the train approaching into each station, it will be announced over the speakers in each car. Some @CommuterLine cars have an electronic billboard that shows passengers which @CommuterLine station is next.


Please remember all the announcement in the station or in the car are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

Avoid using the @CommuterLine during rush hour.

Avoid bringing a stroller into the @CommuterLine unless you’re accompanied by another person. If using a stroller, fold it up if possible once you’re traveling.

Never bring any animal into the stations


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