@JalurBekasi is Got a Website Now

There are several community-based twitter accounts for @CommuterLine. Some of them have their website such as @krlmania and also @CurhatKRL. Surprisingly, I just found out that @JalurBekasi now also has a website.

They called their website as Wonderful Railways Community. Their website has some navigation menu such as for member, profile of each station on Blue Line (Bekasi to Manggarai), Information about each type of @CommuterLine train, @CommuterLine schedule, @CommuterLine route map, events, gallery, and also forum. Well, the forum is still maybe under development.

According to their website @JalurBekasi is born on twitter on 11 January 2014. @JalurBekasi was born on the same interest between @CommuterLine passenger to have information on the update situation of @CommuterLine on Blue Line. They have other channel to communicate between its community members through Blackberry Group and Whatapps Groups. They also work closely with PT KCJ as part of @JalurBekasi partner since the company Service and Safety Passenger Manager joint the groups.

@JalurBekasi also conducted various events such as community gathering (kopdar), fund raising for social charity, and other social activities events.

Wanna joint them? Just log on to jalurbekasi.com and follow @JalurBekasi


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