Cheap Houses Exhibition in Pesta Rumah Rakyat

Ministry of Public Housing (Kemenpera) held cheap houses exhibition titled “Pesta Rumah Rakyat” from 3 to 7 September 2014 in Hall A, Jakarta Conventio n Center, Senayan, Jakarta. Deputy Housing Finance of the Ministry of Public Housing, Sri Hartoyo said this exhibition will give opportunity for people who have income less than 4 million rupiah a month to own a house.

Homes that sold will have rate discount subsidy from government. The Funding scheme called FLPP (Mortgage LiquidityFacility). That means consumers will get a fixed 7.25% interest installments with a credit period of 15-20years.

Houses prices under FLPP scheme is pegged maximum of Rp 120 million for the region Bodetabek. According to the government regulation, people who have income above Rp 4 million/month are not allowed to buy a house with this FLPP scheme.

Nearest @CommuterLine station: Palmerah


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