How to Use @CommuterLine Single Trip Ticket

If you rarely use the @CommuterLine services, it is ok if you just bought single trip ticket or THB (Tiket Harian Berjaminan) to ride on @CommuterLine. My advice is still better to use or to buy Multi Trip ticket or KMT (Kartu Multi Trip), a little bit expensive but you can use as many as you like as long as you still have the balance at the KMT.

To use the THB, please follow these steps:

First, go to the ticket counter and mention your destination. You should know your station destination by checking to this map.

The price for the ticket comprise two parts; the first RP. 5.000 is for the deposit and the rest is the actual price for your travel. The @CommuterLine ticket price is Rp. 2000 for the first 5 stations, excluded your departing station, and Rp. 500 for every three station. So if you pass 7 stations, you should pay Rp. 5000 + Rp. 2.500 = Rp. 7.500

Get into the electronic gate by tap in your THB with your left hand and get out from the Electronic Gate by tap out your THB with your right hand

If your arrive at your arrival stations, you can turn back the THB and get your Rp. 5.000 deposit at the ticket counter or you can keep it up to 7 days and use your THB for another trip.

Just remember the THB is a white based colored ticket. You can follow these steps provided at pictures below


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