“Si Bon Bon” to Serve Tourist Route from Jakarta Kota to Tanjung Priok

The first electric train that made in 1920 will be back to serve the Jakartans. The single electric based locomotive, the Bonbon, will be serving tourist routes from Jakarta Kota Station to Tanjung Priok Station in North Jakarta.

Ella Ubaidi, Vice President of Conservation, Maintenance, and Architecture Design PT Kereta Api Indonesia, said that the Bonbon is ready to serve and currently still awaiting for the test certificate credentials out.

PT KAI is also still waiting the route from Jakarta Kota Station to Tanjung Priok Station to be cleared from merchants. The Bonbon will has new cars that will later be filled by passengers

The Bon Bon is also called the Jokotop train to respect the honor of Jim Hadiyanto, Director of Balai Yasa Manggarai. Jim Hadiyanto is the man who’s restored the legendary locomotive.

Note: Photo is taken from this site and here


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