Newly Passenger Information Display on @CommuterLine

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) will install 960 TV screens scattered from inside @CommuterLine cars and in the station. The service is named as Passenger Information System (SIP). The SIP will allow passenger to access real time information of the @CommuterLine.

The SIP will display the information related to trains, real-time information about the on-going events, information about priority seat, and also information about safety rules and regulations. The Television inside the @CommuterLine cars is providing information about the trains and the approching stations. While television is mounted on the station will be equipped with information about the schedule and information via Facebook and twitter.

The plan, this television will be installed in 240 trains and 3 stations until December 2014. In each car there will be screens spread across two points, so the total will reached 960 screens.

By now, PT KCJ is already has InfoKRL for Android platform and Blackberry platforms


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