5 Travel Tips for a Single

Who said being a single is not a good life? With single status, you can have a lot of fun activities to do, including new opportunities to have a fun traveling. Actually, the important thing for traveling is preparation. As a traveler you can meet a new friend or even a mate.


First thing that must be considered in planning a traveling is looking for an exciting spot for singles. Destination is certainly tailored to your interests. You can go to the beach, museums, park, amusement park, bar or to have sightseeing tours around Jakarta. Do whatever you want to do as long as there is opportunity and you have sufficient Rupiahs.

Stay big and fancy hotel is a big no no for travelers. It is better to look for a hostel or any place to stay that offer bed and breakfast. In this type of hotel, the rooms usually have a lot of beds. Well, this opportunity allows you to meet and get acquainted with other travelers who come from different countries/other parts of Indonesia. You can make a wish, so your love can be blossomed with travelers from other countries in the hostel. Your accomodation should be near with the public transportation such as @CommuterLine or TransJakarta

Groups Activities
Look for the activities that involve a lot of people you have not met before. Hey Dude, you need to meet many new people, so consider take a tour in a group, you can make a new friend with that were previously unknown. Some people in Jakarta do offer some interesting tour, just search for the right tour groups

Good look with proper clothing is definitely will increase your confidence. However, always consider to adjust your cloths to a place where you are going. Do not also wearing flashy jewelry; it will only invite intention from a bad guy.

Always have an Open and Positive Minded
As a single, you have to keep thinking positively while traveling. Positive thoughts help you to be more open to meet new people. Be an open minded person is also important in a way to make a new friend. Well, if you are closed during traveling, nobody will know your name.


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