Jakarta to Hold Indonesian Dance Festival

The Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) is scheduled to be held in Jakarta on 4 to 8 Nov 2014. The festival that was started in 1992 was trying to fill the absence of a dance festival, which helped the regeneration of the dance workforce in Indonesia.

IDF was created as a creative meeting point that was based on intercultural experience as a learning process for everyone involved to explore and to dive the cultural diversity presented through the language of the dance: the choreography. Up to now, IDF is the only prominent dance festival in Indonesia that consistently runs its programs

The 2014 theme of IDF is “Expand” and the IDF will display various contemporary dances and collaborate with more than 100 dancers as well as 15 Indonesian and foreign choreographers.The IDF will take place at several venues including Taman Ismail Marzuki, Komunitas Salihara, The Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), The Jakarta Art House (GKJ) and Goethe Haus Jakarta.This festival will be officially opened with a new dance production that reinterprets the story of Roro Mendut at the Jakarta Art House, and will be close by a presentation of “Kris Is” at Komunitas Salihara

Aside from the main performances, you can join other various programs such as master classes, discussions and a special program with the theme of mother and child. A dance discussion entitled “Bicara Tari” will also take place at Komunitas Salihara on Nov. 8. This discussion will be a sharing medium among dance practitioners. You can see the complete program here

For more information please log on to their facebook page, or visit their website

Note: Picture is taken from here and copyrights is protected by the website owner

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