Mantan Terindah: A Must See Movie for @CommuterLine Passengers

(103 minutes, Keana Productions)
Director: Farishad Latjuba
Scriptwriter:  Titien Wattimena, Ilya Sigma, Priesnanda Dwisatria
Cast: Karina Salim, Edward Akbar, Ray Sahetapy, Tri Yudiman, Salvita Decorte, Angela Nazar, Heidy Yunus, Fauzi Baadila
Producer: Marcella Zalianty

Kita tak akan pernah satu. Engkau di sana, aku di sini, mesti hatiku memilihmu…

A film directed by Farishad Latjuba in cooperation with Marcella Zalianty as the producer, by now enliven in the cinema. By cooperating with several famous artists such as Karina Salim (Nada), Edward Akbar (Genta), Salvita Decorte (Marsha), Angela Nazar (Tania), Ray Sahetapi (Adi), Tri Yudiman (Maja), Hedi Yunus (Iskandar), Maharani Yasmin (a young Nada), and Reza Haryadi (Otto), the film presents something different.

Marcella Zalianty said the movie is is clearly different, since it is the result of the transformation of the “Mantan Terindah” or “the most beautiful ex” song into movie medium. The song was chosen as the theme, since “Mantan Terindah” or “the most beautiful ex” is always a fun conversation raised primarily in social media.

The movie is interesting not only because of the story based on a pop single of the same name by chanteuse Raisa, written by the celebrated pop songwriter, Yovie Widianto. For me the movie is interesting because for the first time there is a movie that tells about upper-middle class life that use @CommuterLine and take many scenes on @CommuterLine and also its stations. Quite weird rite?

Although for frequent @CommuterLine passengers, the @CommuterLine situation that told in the movie is quite weird. Nobody look standing inside the cars and there is a scene when the actors sit in the priority seat. A really comfortable situation on @CommuterLine depicted in the movie


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