9 Things You Should Know When Crossing Platform on @CommuterLine Stations

Take a ride on @CommuterLine to visit many interesting site in Jakarta is a must. But there are few things that you should know before take a joy ride with @CommuterLine. You should have a little knowledge about the condition in many @CommuterLine stations.

There are only a few @CommuterLine stations that have safe path to cross between the platforms. Usually the stations have more than 1 level and/or they have a kind of underpass to cross between the platforms. These kinds of stations are from Cikini to Jakarta Kota, Tangerang , Bogor, Depok Baru, Senen, Palmerah, Serpong, Jurangmangu. These stations are quite safe.

What about the other stations? Well here are some tips for you when you are on the platform and/or try to cross between the platforms.

  1. You should always stand well behind the yellow line on the platform and do not walk over the line until the train has come to a complete stop.
  2. Be careful of the gap between the platform and the train, because the gap may vary from station to station.
  3. Let passengers who are disembarking clear the area completely before boarding the train.
  4. Never run, bike, or skate board on the @CommuterLine platform, to avoid tripping and potentially falling onto the tracks.
  5. If you drop anything onto the rail tracks, please request assistance from station staff.
  6. Always use a safe way to reach another platform. That might be a footbridge, an underground passage or a safe level crossing.
  7. Always watch for trains—look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  8. Avoid dangerous distractions—take off head phones, don’t text or talk on the phone while crossing the tracks.
  9. Hold hands with smaller children.

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