9 Tips and Tricks Riding @CommuterLine for Newbie

Tip 1: Choose the Best Time to Ride

During weekday mornings, CommuterLine’s main use is for commuters who are late for work from outside Jakarta. During the late afternoon, it will become crowded with commuters eager to get home as soon as possible.

If you are riding CommuterLine not for any important meeting, some planning can be helpful in making your experience as pleasant as possible. There are several factors to take into account, such as when the train will be arriving at your station and how packed the train cars are likely to be since most of the time, @CommuterLine do not generally follow a set schedule.

Tip 2: Know Where Your Train is

It would be nice if the CommuterLine at the station is waiting for you to arrive, but this can only be happen in your dream. If you bring your smart phone, you can download the apps provided by the company. You can see when trains will be arriving in real time. Timing your trip to the station can give you more time to relax.

Tip 3: Strategy to Find Comfortable Place

During the rush hours, @CommuterLine can become absolutely packed, with no hope to find any seat or a comfortable place to stand. Mostly, people wait for the train somewhere around the middle of the station platform. This strategy tends to be the same strategy that everybody used at previous stations as well. No wonder if cars near the center of the train generally will be the most crowed.

Tip 4: Save Time with KMT Card

There are two ways to pay when riding metro: THB and the KMT cards. THB card is a one way ticket, you need to reload each time you ride the CommuterLine. Although the THB card work well enough, but there are many benefits of the KMT card.

By using the KMT card, you do not need to be on the long queue to reload again and again. With the KMT cards, you can travel as long as you have enough balance in your card. The KMT cards can be purchase at each @CommuterLine stations

Tip 5: Catch the Next One

Sometimes a train comes by is absolutely packed and this is inevitable and unavoidable. This can be happen if trains schedule are delay or spread too far apart. It might be worth for you to wait for the next train. The chance to have some empty space sometimes can be found in the next train. Just remember that your prospects will vary depending on the cause of the crowd.

Tip 6: Study the maps

It is a good idea to know where you are starting, where you are exiting, and what lines and transfers you’ll need before you start your trip. That is why you need the map. Just remember, sometime you need to transit in one or two transit stations. The biggest and the most confusing transit stations for newbie is Manggarai Station. Always ask the officer if you get lost in the station.

Tip 7: Keep it clean

As a responsible rider, we need to keep the @CommuterLine clean. You may have food or drinks with you on your trip, but there is no eating or drinking allowed on the trains. Also, please do not leave trash lying within the @CommuterLine cars.

Tip 8: Prepare Before Takeoff:

Make your way to the door before the train arrives at your station. If you can make your way, make a motions that you’re getting off at the next stop.  Everyone can read your body language and will prepare to get out of your way when it’s time.

Tip 9: Wash Your Hands after Your Journey.

You should always remember many passengers that may lives on handles and poles on CommuterLine cars. Well, it might be invite some health issues


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