Railways Construction to SHIA to Begin in April 2015

Edi Sukmoro, Chief Executive Officer of Indonesian Railways Company (PT KAI), said the construction of the railways connection Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) to Batu Ceper along 12 km will start in April 2015. The company already had a golden deal with the land owner about the land clearing for the construction

If the construction can begin in April, the SHIA Railways can start operate in April 2016. It is only take one year to complete the whole project.

In July 2014, the Ministry of Transportation announced that the SHIA Railways can be operated in July 2015. While the previous company CEO’s said that the operation of SHIA Railways was depend on the agreement of land clearing with the land owner.

The Ministry of Transportation already built double track railways from Duri to Tangerang to support the operation of the SHIA Railways. The KAI will build 12 km’s from Batu Ceper to SHIA Station.

If the SHIA Railways is completed, the time travel from Manggarai to SHIA will take 57 minutes with @CommuterLine


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