@KAI121: 2 New Routes for @CommuterLine is Completed 90%

PT Kereta Api Indonesia plans to open two routes for @CommuterLine, namely the Jakarta Kota Station – Tanjung Priok Station and Citayam Station – Nambo Station. Both route is planned to be operational in early April 2015

Head of Public Relations of PT KAI, Bambang S Prayitno, admitted that preparations had been completed 90 percent, including revamping the station, railways, and electricity infrastructure. All stations in both routes has been prepared the ticket cunters and the electronic gates

He also added that all the related facilities and infrastructure preparation will soon be tested by Direcorate General of Railways

The route from Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok is about 8.086 kilometers with four stations namely Jakarta Kota Station, Kampung Bandan Station, Ancol Station, and Tanjung Priok Station.

While, Nambo-Citayam is about 12.6 kilometers with four stations that Citayam Station, Pondok Rajeg Station, Cibinong Station and Nambo Station.


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