New Fare Scheme for @CommuterLine on April fool

On 1 April 2015, the Government is change the fare scheme for @CommuterLine Train ticket from the calculation of the number of station-based system into the distance based system. This adjustment is based on Ministry of Transportation Regulation No. 17 of 2015 which regulates the @CommuterLine tariff adjustments based on the distance that applies on 1 April 2015.

In the latest calculations, the fare for @CommuterLine from 1 to 25 Km will be charged for Rp 2.000 and will add Rp. 1000 for next 10 Km and its multiplication. The purpose of this change is to give justice to @CommuterLine passengers.

For these comparisons from Maja to Tanah Abang with previous calculation system is charged Rp 4,000 while the Bogor-Jakarta Kota is charged Rp 5,000. Although both routes have a similar distance but the number of stations is different. The numbers of stations from Bogor to Jakarta Kota are 26 stations while Maja-Tanah Abang is only 16 stations.

With this new calculation, the highest decline fare is Rp 1,500 from Cakung to Jakarta Kota, while the highest increase fare is Rp 4,000 to the Bogor-Maja (transit in Tanah Abang). It means the maximum fare is Rp. 11.000 from Maja to Bogor.


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