@KAI121 to Build Special Lifts for Person with Disabilities in Manggarai Station

PT KAI gives special attention for the safety and comfort of all train passengers. Construction of underground in Manggarai Station which took place in October last year is one example. The company is built the underground to suppress the intensity of traffic accidents on the railway.

There will be stairs and escalators at each platform at Manggarai station, while the lift will only be available at each end of the underground. Although the distance between the platform surface and the underground is not more than 5 meters, the lift would be very helpful for person with disabilities. The special lift will complement the stairs and escalators.

Currently there are two stations in Greater Jakarta is equipped with underground, namely; Senen Station and Depok Baru Station.

Although the company claimed that those three stations are friendly to persons with disabilities, but access to the station is still not friendly for persons with disabilities. The electronic gate at @CommuterLine stations is not friendly for persons with disabilities


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