Jakarta to Build LRT to Replace Monorail

Basuki T. Purnama, Jakarta Governor, is already sent the documents related to city government plan to build Light Rail Transit (LRT) to the Minister of Transportation. This megaproject is proposed by provincial enterprises. The city started this project after the plans to build a monorail is canceled.

Ahok is dreaming that LRT will operate throughout Jakarta with the 7 corridor to be built by the city government. Ahok estimates, the construction of the whole LRT corridor will spend Rp 35 trillion. For a start, the city government will focus to build LRT from Kelapa Gading – Kebon Sirih. Development of the routes it is expected to reach Rp 8 trillion, using the city budget.

As the regulator of transportation, the Ministry of Transportation will test requirements of the construction of LRT trains. The test is needed because the LRT projects are not logged in Greater Jakarta railway master plan.


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