5 Tips If the Green Light of the Electronic Gate in @CommuterLine Station is not lit

Since the implementation of electronic ticketing and electronic gate throughout @CommuterLine stations, there are many changes that occur and passengers should also be getting used to the whole system of the existing tickets

However, you would often have an incident when you try to enter or exit through the electronic gate at the station, the lights do not turn green. There are several steps that you can do if the green light is not lit even if when you have sufficient balance

First, do not put your electronic ticket into your wallet and even tap your wallet to tap fields. It is useless because the machine can‘t detect the ticket

Second, no need to tap hard your ticket on the tap field. If possible make a distance of 1 cm between your ticket with tap field.

Ketiga, jika lampu hijau tidak menyala, tiket elektronik kamu tidak perlu digesek – gesek

Third, if the green light is not lit, no need to rub your ticket in the tap field

Fourth, if the green light is not lit, get rid of your electronic ticket, cover the tap field with your hand and tap again.

Fifth, if the green light is not lit but you’ve already pushed the tripod, the pull back the tripod slightly and then tap on again as the fourth tips


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