The Construction of LRT Jakarta to Start in August 2015

This year, PT Adhi Karya (Persero) will build the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Jabodetabek. LRT is expected to be complementary modes of transportation in the Greater Jakarta area. The LRT will cover 6 lines surrounding the Greater Jakarta area.

Those sixth lines has also been listed in the General Plan of Railway Network in the Greater Jakarta in 2014-2030 as set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) No. 54 in 2013.

The construction of those sixth lines will be divided into three stages. The first stage will start at August 2015 and the construction of the LRT will connect Bekasi Timur – Cawang – Kuningan – Dukuh Atas, Cibubur-Cawang. The second stage construction will connect Cibubur – Bogor, Dukuh Atas – Palmerah – Senayan. While the last stage will connect Palmerah to Grogol.

The construction of railways and LRT Stations will use elevated railways along the toll ways with a height between 9- 12 meters above ground level. LRT track will use narrow gauge with a track width of 1067 mm as commonly used by trains in Indonesia. As for rolling stock, the LRT will use 750 V DC power such as that used by @CommuterLine

light-rail-station-386009_640The LRT capacity is expected to accommodate 400 people per train set (3 car) that will accommodate 816,000 people per day with a minimum headway of 2 minutes during peak hour

The tariff imposed on each track, such as:

– Rp 17,500 to Cibubur-Cawang
– Rp 20,000 for East Bekasi-Cawang
– Rp 15,000 to Cawang-Dukuh Atas


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  1. LintangHapsari says:

    Hhm mau koreksi LAA CommuterLine itu 1500VDC bukan 750VDC


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