#RI70 Independence Day: 7 Historic sites Along @CommuterLine Railways

As for 17 August 2015, the Indonesian peoples will celebrate the Independence Day. While PT KCJ have already announce their free of charge program for @CommuterLine, you should travel to these historic sites to commomerate the Independence Day.

All of the locations mention here is close to the CommuterLine stations

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional

This building was first used as Javanese Medical School or STOVIA (Tot School Opleiding Van Inlandsche Artsen). Built in 1899 and was officially adopted for STOVIA education in 1902, a Dutch medical school for native students. The students came across Indonesia to study modern medicine. The students were also perform other activities such as discussion, study club, sports, art and culture, and even lead to the formation of the modern non political organization called Budi Utomo.

Station: Gondangdia Station

Museum Sumpah Pemuda

The building had a long history for Indonesian movement in the Dutch Indies era. Since 1927, this building was used by various youth movement organizations to conduct meeting and discussions. On October 28, 1928 the Youth Congress held a meeting in this building, and before the congress was closed, the congress participant for the first time heard the national song “Indonesia Raya” by Wage Rudolf Supratman. The song was greeted with great splendor by the congress participants. Congress closed with a statement announcing the results of the congress the famous youth pledges.

Station: Gang Sentiong

Museum Joang 45

Originally, this building was used as a hotel, named Hotel Schomper corresponding name of the owner L.C. Schomper. The hotel was built specifically for the Dutch officials, foreign businessmen, and native officials. When the Japanese occupied Indonesia in 1942 – 1945, the hotel was taken over by the youth and used as a dormitory known as Menteng 31 Boarding. From this place, the Indonesian leader then held political education program to educate the young people of Indonesia

Station: Gondangdia

Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi

In the time of Japanese occupation, the building, the building was the residence of Japanese Admiral, Tadashi Maeda. The Independence Proclamation is drafted by Soekarno, Moh. Hatta, and Ahmad Soebarjo in the Maeda house. The Maeda house is chosen since Maeda gave his personal guarantee to Indonesians leaders that held the important meeting at his house. After several discussions, on 17 August 1945, 4 am, Soekarno read the proclamation text before the others leaders such as Ahmad Soebardjo, Mohamad Amir, Boentaran Martoatmodjo, I Goesti Ketut Poedja, A Abbas, Iwa Kusumasumantri, Johanes Latoeharharry, Ki Bagoes Hadji Hadikoesoemo, Teukoe Moehammad Hasan, Ki Hadjar Dewantara, Otto Iskandardinata, K.R.T. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat, Soetardjo Kartohadikusumo, R. Soepomo, Soekardjo Wirjopranoto, G.S.S.J. Ratulangi, BM Diah, Sukarni, Chaerul Saleh, Sayuti Melik, Anang Abdoel Hamidhan, Andi Pangerang, Andi Sultan Daeng Radja, Semaun Bakry, Soediro, Abikoesno Tjokrosoejoso and Samsi Sastrowidagdo.

Station: Sudirman

Taman Proklamator

This park is one of the most important and historic locations in Jakarta. This place is the residential location of Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno. At this location, now marked by Tugu Petir, Sukarno and Hatta proclaimed the Indonesia’s independence on August 17, 1945 at 10:00 AM. This historic house, which was used to be called as “House Proclamation”, is no longer there since 1960. At this location, President Soekarno on January 1, 1961 cleared the land for the the construction of a monument, the “Monument Lightning”, which was then called the Proclamation Monument. This statement was then encrypted: “Disinilah Dibatjakan Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia pada Tanggal 17 Agustus 1945 djam 10.00 pagi oleh Bung Karno dan Bung Hatta” (Here Narrated the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945 at 10:00 AM by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta).

Station: Cikini

Museum Antara

Originally this building was owned Aneta News Agency (Algemeen Nieuws – en Telegraaf – Agentschap), a Dutch East Indies government -owned news agency. This two-story building is an important place in the Indonesian independence, since at this place the the Declaration of Independence was broadcast throughout the world. At the time the Declaration of Independence, Domei News Agency was the only foreign news agency that broadcasts the Indonesian Independence declaration. The Indonesian journalist who work in Domei News Agency, insert the news of Indonesia independence between other news.

Station: Juanda

Taman Medan Merdeka

Give your thanks to Daendels because without him Indonesia would not have this famous park, which is the largest park in the world. Governor General Heman Willem Daendels built this park in early 19th century and named the park “Champ de Mars” that was used for military training at the time.In 1818, under the administration of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the name of the park was changed to Koningsplein (King’s Square), since nearly every Dutch Indies Governor General started to inhabit the new palace. This park is monumental since Komite Van Aksi (Committee of Action) organized a big meeting on 19 September 1945 to celebrate a month of Independence. Thousands of people gather to hear President Sukarno’s speech. AS short speech anyway but it show the capacity of the your republic to maintain order and peace

Station: Juanda/Gondangdia


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