Old City will be holds the ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015

Asian Youth Creative Industry Fair (AYCIF) 2015 is one of the biggest events to promote the creative industry in the ASEAN region and Indonesia was asked to host this 2015 event. AYCIF 2015 is a form of cooperation between the Japan ASEAN Integration Fund, Kemenkop SMEs, and SME Center FEUI which aims to build a sustainable creative industry sector so that it can become a new driver of economic growth

AYCIF 2015 main event will be held in the Old City area from 29 to 30 August 2015. AYCIF 2015 will be filled with seminars and international workshops about the creative industries and the exhibition of the winners who have previously held. There will also be performances of music and art and creative bazaar involving industry in Southeast Asia.


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