The well-known @KRLEkonomi Graveyard in Purwakarta Station

Have you ever know that Purwakarta have a unique travel destination in form of obsolete train graveyard? May be it is time for you to stop by at Purwakarta station to see piles of obsolete carriages just like Lego toys.

These carriages are varies from many kind of commuter train that now been replaced by the newly carriage of KRL @CommuterLine. Composed storey and abandoned like an old caravan, the carriages looked so appealing to anyone that search for vintage objects

This graveyard is beautiful but mystical and definitely invites the curiosity of many people to approach the graveyard. The graveyard contain of colorful piles of scrap metal and stacked parallel, towering to a height of seven meters.

Some peoples also make some interesting videos about this unique travel destination.


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  1. Aku selalu ngelewatin kuburan kereta ini kalo perjalanan menuju Bandung.
    Tapi belum pernah kesampean buat selfie disana. *disitu saya sedih*.


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