Jalur Rempah: The Untold Story at Museum Nasional

Jalur Rempah is an event from Museum Week that aims to bring back the lost and often forgotten spice trails through an exhibition and cultural windows. This history of spice trail in Indonesia is hold at the National Museum from 18 to 25 October.


Hani Fibianti, Content Director of the Yayasan Museum Indonesia, said the main purpose Museum Week 2015 themed Spice Trail is remind the public about the importance of the spice trade history in Indonesia. According to Hani, the pepper trade in the twelve century has brought Banten sultanate became one of the world metropolis. The spice trade also play important role that affected the Indonesian culture and civilizations

If you want to visit the Jalur Rempah, please remember that the event is closed for public in 22 to 23 October


For more information please visit the website


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  1. Fahmi says:

    dateng ah 😀 ini di museum nasional seberang monas itu kan?


    1. Anggara says:

      iya mas 🙂


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