Kota Tua will held the 2nd annual Old Town Jakarta Jazz Festival

This Year will be the 2nd annual of FESTIVAL JAZZ @ KOTA TUA JAKARTA. It will be held on 24th of October 2015. The public has a chance to listen from new jazz talents to the jazz masters, from local and international jazz artists, from Rag Time to Modern Jazz and its totally free of charge!

2nd annual FESTIVAL JAZZ @ KOTA TUA JAKARTA will take place at the Taman Fatahilah, Museum Sejarah Jakarta from 16:00pm until 24:00. The event is ready to showcase heady mix of talents from Indonesia and around the world.

The aims of the festival still remain the same today: celebrating the place of Jazz in a city which is at ease with its rich cultural diversity, and drawing in a multitude of venues around the old town of Jakart a. The festival is produced by Dwiki Dharmawan, leading producer and curator of live Jazz and world music.


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