@CommuterLine to Close Ticket Sales Counter at these 4 Stations

In early December 2015, PT KCJ, operator of @CommuterLine, will close the ticket booths and replacing them with automated vending machine for ticket purchase and top up the multi trip ticket. The fourth station are Bogor Station, Manggarai Station, Jakarta Kota Station, and Sudirman Station.


The ticket sales through machine at those fourth stations are also a test event for the Automated Vending Machine owned by PT KCJ. The company said that they will not necessarily close the counter but will also be provide clear information to the passengers. President Director of PT KCJ M Fadhil said if the trials test at these four stations is success, they will shut down all the ticket counters.

For the company plan, @anfield_train provide feedback




However, @anfield_train apparently can’t wait to see the form of the machine



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