Tanjung Priok Station to Reactivate

European-style station covering an area of ​​3,768 m2 in Tanjung Priok and was buit in 1914 will be reactivate in January 2016. Tanjung Priok Station is one of the unique style stations in Jakarta. In the past, Tanjung Priok station equipped with luxurious bar and hotel for Europeans, and there are no other stations like that in Jakarta

Built with 6 platform, Tanjung Priok was abandoned and not treated well. But there is good news, since 1 October 1 2015 Tanjung Priok station has been renovated and will be revived for a passengers. Renovation of Tanjung Priok Station will be completed in January 2016. The railways have been repaired and being tested for use.

Travel time from Jakarta Kota Station to Tanjung Priok station will take takes about 30 minutes and th train will pass by Kampung Bandan Station and Ancol Station.

Picture is taken from here


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