5 Simple Steps to Make Suggestion or Complaint on @CommuterLine services

Riding @commuterline is fun, especially when riding with your family. Sometimes, you will experience unhappy situation with CommuterLine services.

If you are on this particular situation and you want to provide suggestion and/or make a complaint to the @CommuterLine operator, you can follow these 5 simple steps

  1. If you have your mobile phone on hand, just activate your mobile connection
  2. If you have email, you can write an email to commuter.care@krl.co.id, provide proper subject and clear explanation on your email
  3. If you do not like to make an email, you can contact them to 121 or (021) 121 for mobile phone
  4. Provides suggestion or make a complaint can also be reach through their social media account: twitter @CommuterLine, facebook fans page Commuterline or instagram @krlcommuterline
  5. The last thing is just make a pray and hopefully they will respond to your suggestion or your complaint as soon as possible


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