2016: @CommuterLine to Expand its Services to Cikarang and Rangkasbitung

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) is targeting to expand the company services to Cikarang, Blue Line, and Rangkasbitung, Green Line, in 2016. President Director of PT KCJ Muhammad Nurul Fadhila said there will be addition of four station in Blue Line after Bekasi Station, Namely Bekasi Timur, Tambun, Cibitung, and Cikarang. As for the new Green Line route to Rangkasbitung, Fadhila said that the opening of train services to the region will be accompanied by the closure of local rail services and Maja station will not be the last stop on the Green Line.

Fadhila also said that next year the @commuterline will begin to stop at the Pondok Rajeg station and Cibinong Station in Nambo Line and Ancol Station in Pink Line. Currently, the three stations are not operating because they are still under renovation. Fadhila believes extension of two lines and the opening of three stations could be realized if the Ministry of Transportation completed all the station next year.


In 2016, the company also ensures that there will be no new additional train trips or schedule for commuter line in 2016 since there is a major renovation of the Manggarai Station. According to Fadhila, renovations of Manggarai station is make the addition train trip is not possible, given the Manggarai Station is central transit station that became the meeting point of several lines. Currently, the company has 887 trips/day and serving 740,000 people on average/days. In 2018, the will transported around 1.2 million people/days

Therefore, although it is not going to increase the train trips 2016, Fadhila ensure the target to increase the number of passengers will still continue to run by adding a more train car 8 to 10 train cars in one train to 10-12 train cars in one train.


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