@CommuterLine to Operate 24 Hours for 2016 New Year Celebration

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) will operate @CommuterLine for for 24 hours for the New Year Celebration. This effort is to serve the Jakartans to celebrate the upcoming New Year 2016 in many spot in Greater Jakarta.


Muhammad Nurul Fadhila ,President Director of PT KCJ, said this special New Year service is given to the passenger by operating 26 additional train to all line after the last train schedules, but the Pink Line. He said, with an additional 26 KRL trips, the company will operate 913 trips during New Year Celebration

Yellow Line (Bogor-Jatinegara)

Depart from Bogor – 22.55

Depart from Jatinegara – 01.30

Red Line (Bogor-Jakarta Kota)

Depart from Bogor – 23.30, 00.00

Depart from Depok – 01.59

Depart from Jakarta Kota – 01.30, 02.30, 03.20, 04.37

Blue Line (Bekasi – Jakarta Kota)

Depart from Bekasi – 23.54, 00.54, 01.54

Depart from Manggarai – 03.38, 03.43

Depart from Jakarta Kota 01.15, 02.15, 03.15, 04.30

Green Line (Parungpanjang – Tanang Abang)

Depart from Parungpanjang – 00.09, 01.24

Depart from Tanah Abang – 01.30, 02.45

Brown Line (Tangerang – Duri)

Depart from Tangerang – 01.30

Depart from Manggarai to Duri – 02.10

Depart from Duri to Manggarai – 02.40

Depart from Duri to Tangerang – 02.40


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