We are Growing and Still Alive

Since 2 August 2012, we have through many excellence journeys. This website records all events around the Jakarta modest train system. Website have a competitive predominance compare to other platform such as social media. In addition to unlimited space and easy to be found, website can also be rich with text, images, videos, and even audio. Therefore we chose a website for railways-based tourism promotion in Greater Jakarta.

After 3 years serving our readers, we have been record many positive developments. Let us share some of our statistic after the launch of the jakartabytrain.com. It is still a shy number of statistics

  • Total Views                        : 624.214
  • Total Visitors                     : 350.504
  • Views/Visitors                  : 1,78
  • Average Views/Day        : 799
  • Time on Site                      : 00:01:04
  • Registered Members     : 61
  • Total Post                            : 926
  • Average Views/Post      : 674

The number of visitors are also diverse, from Indonesia is still be the biggest, but our website is also visited from several other countries. Since the website is mainly in English and it is for non Bahasa Indonesia speakers

statistik negara 2015

Many articles within this website came from our volunteers – or guest contributors. Thank you for all of you that already submit content and write down their experiences through jakartabytrain.com. That contribution which led to the richness and diversity of content of this website and we will keep that well.

We have always strived for this site to be alive and provide useful information about traveling by train in Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek). But like other website, it would require operating costs to keep the website accessible. Luckily, there are some partners who work with us place some advertisement. It is not much, but tolerable to just make sure this site running smoothly and ensure that the site continues to run and take place with non-profit mission and independent.



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