5 Easy Steps to Buy @CommuterLine Ticket

If you plan to use CommuterLine, it is good if you know how to buy the ticket. Generally, there are two types of tickets, namely THB (Single Trip Ticket) and KMT (Multi Trip Ticket). In addition you can also use the electronic money issued by BNI, BRI, BCA and Bank Mandiri, it will consider as KMT. Well this article will only discuss how to buy tickets issued by PT KCJ as operator of @CommuterLine


First, Prepare your money to buy ticket. If you intend to buy KMT then prepare Rp. 50,000. If you buy a THB then prepare at least Rp. 12.000 depending on your distance trip

Second, Purchase the tickets only in official places, the stations. Some stations only have ticket counter while at several other stations you can buy it through the Automated Vending Machine


Third, learn to queue; it is not good if you want to buy tickets but you do not want to queue in the space provided.

Fourth, if there are people in front of you are conducting transactions at the ticket counter or at the automated vending machine, please give a distance of about 50 cm or behind the yellow line that marked the boundary queue


Fifth, check your ticket and proof of the transaction and the change (if any).


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