Bringing Bicycle to @CommuterLine

Trains and bicycle is a good combination to commuter at Jakarta. It is combining the high speed urban travel mix with a very efficient short distance travel. We encourage you to integrate the use of trains and cycles as the most convenient and environment friendly forms of transport.


According to the PT KCJ regulations, bicycles are allowed to bring on @CommuterLine, although they forbid the use of non folded bike. However, you should notice some tips below before using your cycle and go to @CommuterLine


  1. Before entering the station please fold your bike and carry your bicycle on the stairs or use elevators. Do not ride inside the stations or use escalators.
  2. Please remain stay with your bike or put your bike on the @CommuterLine rack. Keep in mind to keep aisles and doors clear.
  3. If the train is too crowded please wait for another train. Alternatively you can ride @CommuterLine from the terminus station
  4. Bicycles may be prohibited if trains are too crowded, you may leave your bike at your departing station.
  5. In an emergency evacuation, leave your bicycle on the train and clear of aisles and doors.

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