A Touching Message in Commuter Line

As we have known, commuter line’s rolling stocks are mostly composed by used Japanese trains. The latest rolling stocks were come from Japanese Railway (JR), specifically which operated in Nambu Line. The new armada has yellow stripes and consists with 12 rolling stocks.

Besides the better condition from the old one, the new armada of commuter line has an interesting thing on it. Something that can open your eyes. If you are lucky to get on this train, you will see a lot of pictures from Japanese Children which decorated wall of the train. Every picture is randomly colored and consisted with a touching message from Japanese children. Some texts are in Japanese and the headline is in Bahasa.



The texts mean:

From Japanese Children for you.

“Even in oversea, you have to keep the spirit.”

A touching message is actually for the train. And it’s really touching. By reading this message, we get the fact that they really love their train. They are taught to love what they have since they were kids. Absolutely, they want us to love the train like they do.

Now, let’s love what we have this day. Do not do vandalism anymore.

If the Japanese children can, how come we can’t?


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  1. Anggara says:

    It is cool rite, just wondering why people do some vandalism on the picture 😦


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