Beware of the Bag Thefts at @CommuterLine

One problem that is quite common in @commuterline is a matter of theft. Some cases are attempts to steal mobile phone or wallet. Several other cases are bags thefts. These cases are quite common, especially for the passengers who were seated and put their bag on the luggage rack.


In 2015, Kompas also had reported the case of bag thefts in Klender Baru station. Luckily, the thief was soon found out and arrested. While for other passengers that have no lucky, they would have to accept the fact that they will lost their bag forever

HATI-HATI DI COMMUTER LINE!!! #moduspencurian Hari ini (Minggu, 11 Januari 2015 tepat pukul 11.30 WIB) saya kehilangan tas saya yg saya letakkan di rak di dalam commuter line dari Stasiun Bogor menuju Stasiun Jakarta Kota (mungkin bisa dibilang modusnya pencurian). Kemungkinan diambil antara rute stasiun manggarai ke arah stasiun gambir. Saya sedang tertidur di dalam kereta arah stasiun manggarai. Sesaat bangun di gambir tas saya sudah tidak ada. (Tas Eiger warna hitam). Isi tasnya ada dompet (atm bca, atm bni, atm btn, KTP, kartu asuransi), pakaian (kemeja, kaos, jeans), kunci kostan, buku kerja, dll). Untuk teman2 yg menggunakan jasa transportasi kereta api harap berhati2. Jika isi tas sangat penting harap dipegang saja. Jika mengalami hal yg sama harap menghubungi langsung security atau bagian PAP di stasiun dan jangan lupa untuk hubungi call center bank atm Anda agar atm Anda langsung diblokir. Terima kasih. #instanews #news #hatihati #moduspencurian #likeforlike #like4like #breakingnews #insta_news #insta_ID #indonesia #berita #beritaindonesia #commuterline #keretaapi #transportasi #jakarta #beritajakarta #jakartanews #jakarta_news

A photo posted by A N D R E W (@andrewhasiholan93) on Jan 10, 2015 at 10:14pm PST


There are three simple things to avoid attempts of bag theft

First, make sure your bag is always near you. Even if you put the bag on the luggage rack, make sure you can see your bag easily

Second, always be wary if the train is in a state of quiet. A good idea to put the bag on your side or put the bag before you

Third, do not put the bag on the luggage rack near the train door. Because it will be easier for the thief to steal your bag by get off from the train at the next station

Just remember you can’t count on to other passenger as they have their own activities too. Sometimes, nobody would not even remember who is the owner of the bag which at the luggage rack


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