The History of Cicayur Station

Cicayur station is located near Jl. Cicayur Station, Cisauk, Tangerang. The station was built on October 1, 1899 by Staatspoorwegen (SS), as part of the railways route along Batavia (Jakarta) – Duri – Tanah Abang – Rangkasbitoeng (Rangkasbitung).

Picture is taken from Heritage KAI
Picture is taken from jejakbocahhilang




The station was originally only made of wood, which only serves as a transit shelter and just have o lounge area and a ticket counter. For the construction of the new station, the old building was moved to the Ambarawa Museum Complex. This building will be rebuilt in Ambarawa and will serve as part of the Museum Ambarawa.

Now the Cicayur Station is more modern station. The color of the station was used to be green


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