Bendera Kuning: The History

If you had a chance to look deeper around Jakarta, you might occasionally see a Bendera Kuning or a yellow flag mounted on a side street. Yellow flag in Jakarta and West Java is known as a marker of a person’s death


As quoted from Kompas, the story of the yellow flag began in the VOC administration. During that time in Batavia and surrounding, there were outbreaks of deadly infectious diseases. VOC administration uses a yellow flag to mark homes or places of people affected by the deadly disease. The Yellow Line is the rectangular flag with the letter Q or quarantine. The surrounding population was forbidden to come closer to the house to prevent disease transmission.

People whose homes were marked with yellow flags eventually died. Since then, the yellow flag is widespread to mark a person’s death

Note: Picture is taken from here

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  1. Just knew it after read this post, serious! Kirain cuma kebiasaan biasa aja, ternyata begini ya storynya.


  2. Anggara says:

    Iya begitu storynya. Lucu juga ya? Yg belum ketahuan adalah kenapa dipilih warna kuning?


  3. icha pista says:

    Sebagai penyuka warna kuning, pingin ngibarin bendera kuning jadi serem hihihi


  4. ehmmm, gitu tohhhh, nyimak bae lahh, salam kenal


  5. Dhuha says:

    Semua yang dilakukan orang khususnya di Indonesia memang ada sejarahnya, cuman sekarang sudah jadi kebiasaan umum, jadi udah gak pada tahu sejarah nenek moyangnya.


  6. sumarno says:

    padahal benderanya simpelt tapi kalo lihat bikin deg-degan….


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