Get Lost in Jakarta with less than USD 0.5

Congestion in Jakarta does require extraordinary patience. It seemed impossible if you like getting around Jakarta at low cost with no need to have longer hours when using a car, a taxi, motorcycle taxi, or even transport-based applications.


The Jakarta administration is providing various public transportation such as Transjakarta and City Tour Bu, but despite the TransJakarta has a special line, congestion problem still remains ahead. Riding Transjakarta bus is very cheap; we only need to pay IDR. 3500 and we can get off at any stop we want.


The most anti traffic jam public transportation today is the commuter train named @CommuterLine or Jakarta residents knew the services by the name KRL. Rail-based public transportation operated by PT KCJ is a mainstay of Jakarta resident to penetrate the breakdown of Jakarta. Although the service is often late from the schedule, but you journey is guaranteed to be smooth without a hitch but when being exposed to technical difficulties.




In addition to anti-jam, @CommuterLine can also be used to getting around Jakarta with super cheap cost. Some of the the historic location can also be encountered when using @CommuterLine For that there needs to be a special strategy in order to travel around Jakarta remains cheap and quite comfortable including you should buy Multi Trip ticket to have a comfortable travel


Specify Your Departures Station

If you depart from Juanda Station, Gondangdia Station, or Cikini Station, it is advisable to begin your journey to ride the Blue Line train toward Bekasi Station and stop at Jatinegara Station. From Jatinegara Station, please ride the Yellow Line with the aim to Kampung Bandan Station – Tanah Abang Station – Sudirman Station – and Manggarai Station. The Yellow Line route is also known as the Loop Line route which enable you to surround Jakarta

If you already reach at the Manggarai Station, you can take the Red Line or Blue Line to go to Jakarta Kota Station. The route from Manggarai Station to Jakarta Kota Station is also known as central one that divides Jakarta. The line is have the elevated railways, so you can see Jakarta from the top

If you depart from Tanah Abang station or Sudirman, it is advisable for you to Yellow Line train ride with to Jatinegara Station. After you arrive at Jatinegara Station, you can take the Blue Line to the final destination in Jakarta Kota to enjoy your journey



Do Not Enter and Exit at the Your Departure Station

To surround Jakarta, it takes more than 1 hour. It is not recommended for you get in and out at the same station. It is better for you to go out at one station after your departure station or at one station before your departure station. With this “smart” move, it will cost you IDR. 2000


Discover Historic Objects When Surrounding Jakarta

Some historical objects can be seen when you surround Jakarta with @CommuterLine such as the Jembatan Gantung Kota Intan, Monumen Nasional, Pintu Air Manggarai, and Masjid Istiqlal. Look around you, maybe you would have found many interesting things to be photographed




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