3 Level Building: The Future of Manggarai Station

The @CommuterLine train journey heading to Manggarai Station, are often had to stop for a while before the train entered the Manggarai Station. The cause is currently in Manggarai station there are only 7 railways that can be used by @CommuterLine train. Three railways to be used by @CommuterLine train from and towards Depok / Bogor and the other 3 railways are used by @CommuterLine train from and towards Bekasi. In addition, in the platform 6 is also used interchangeably for the Red Line and Yellow Line heading to Depok / Bogor.

This problem is ultimately had an impact on the @CommuterLine train density queuing to enter Manggarai station. It is also have an impact on the delays of the @CommuterLine train schedule. Eva Chairunnisa, Communication Manager of PT KCJ mention that the delay experienced by @CommuterLine train in the morning was disturbing all train schedules during the day.

This problem is also acknowledged by M. Fadhil, President Director of PT KCJ. It is difficult to overcome but by not adding more @commuterline train travel schedule. In addition, PT KCJ also took other policy that is engineered the railways pattern operation. For example, Red Line which necessarily from Depok / Bogor to Jakarta Kota had to be dismissed in Manggarai Station to return to Depok / Bogor.

Fadhil also revealed another story that the government is currently developing a three-level station for Manggarai. It is planned that there will be ten railways lanes on the lower floors will be used @CommuterLine train. Meanwhile, long-distance trains will use the elevated railways. In the next three years, Manggarai prepared to be the largest transit station which is not only a meeting point between @CommuterLine line relations, but also the starting point for departure of long-distance trains and Soekarno-Hatta Airport Trains.


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