A Journey to Nambo Station

Previously, I had never been up to the Nambo. There are many reasons why I am a bit lazy to Nambo, but the most important fact is that there is very little CommuterLine schedule heading to Nambo. In addition, I also do not know of other transportation alternatives in addition to CommuterLine. It is different with Tanjung Priok where quite a lot of transportation other than CommuterLine.

This time I ventured to visit Nambo station. I see the commuterline schedule and it was enough time for me traveling towards Nambo and simultaneously to Cibinong at the same time. But I have got to Nambo first and then come back with the same train to Cibinong.

The problem is, after arriving in Cibinong, I will miss the traina. Of course I am confused what to do to reach Citayam again. If I wait for the next train then I need to wait for 3 hours. It is a bad choice for me

Apart from these concerns, the trip to Nambo quite enjoyable. Some stations like Pondok Rajeg and Gunung Putri is not in a state of well-groomed.

I also see Pondok Rajeg Correction Center which established in 2008 when the train runs from Citayam towards Cibinong. Pondok Rajeg station should be activated to allow visitors to this correction center using the CommuterLine to visit their relatives there. It is only take 9 minutes walk from Pondok Rajeg Station.

Nambo station and station Cibinong have similarities in terms of the design of the station. Perhaps the designer is the same person, and also built in the same period.

From my observations, I see the needs of residents in Nambo and Cibinong to use the commuterline is quite large. Hopefully in the future there will be more schedules for CommuterLine serving Nambo and Cibinong


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