RS Harapan Depok: Office of the President of Depok

The history of Depok can’t be separated from the name of the founder of Depok, Cornelis Chastelein. Cornelis Chastelein is retired VOC who bought the land of ​​1224 hectares in the region which is now named Depok.

At that time the area was still a forest, Cornelis Chastelein then brought in a hundreds of slaves from different regions such as Bali, Makassar, Betawi, Bengal, Timor, and so on to clear the forest. Shortly after the open forest area, an area controlled by Cornelis Chastelein declared as an autonomous region and known as Het Gemeente particuliere Het Land van Bestuur Depok.

After his death, Chastelein in his testament liberate the slaves and their descendants as long as they are follow the teachings Chastelein and using the clan behind their name. They may choose one of the twelve clans: Loen, Jonathans, Soedira, Bacas, Leander, Zadokh, Samuel, Tholense, Jakob, Iscah, Laurens, and Joseph.

In 1871, a lawyer named Mr. M.H. Klein helped the process of the establishment of the Autonomous Government of Depok which reinforced by the birth Reglemen Van Het Land Depok (Depok state regulations) in 1886.

This regulation amended several times and last amended in 1913, signed by G. Jonathans as President Depok and M.F. Jonathans as secretary. This regulation describe the governance structure of Depok and led by a president with a term of three years. The President was elected in general election by a majority vote. To perform its duties, the President of Depok was aided by secretary, treasurer, and several officers, namely Vergaderingen, Commissarissen, and Bestuur.

As a sovereign territory, Depok not only had boundaries. Depok also has its own government building that has now become Rumah Sakit Harapan Depok or Harapan Depok Hospital. At this the government building, the President of Depok perform its duties to run the administration of Depok. The President of Depok also has an official residence that is located right in front of the current RS Harapan Depok.

The fate of the autonomous government of Depok was ended in 1949 when President of Depok finally recognized Indonesia’s independence and totally disbanded on 4 August 1952. The Indonesian government was issued a compensation of Rp. 229,261.26. Depok entire private land became the property of the Indonesian government, except for eigendom lands and some of the buildings such as church, school, rectory, a meeting hall, and Cemetery of an area of ​​0.8621 ha.

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda / Gondangdia / Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Red Line heading to  Depok/Bogor then stop at Depok Station and take a 9 minutes walk to the North

From Tanah Abang go to platform 3 and take Yellow Line heading to Depok/Nambo/Bogor then stop at Depok Station and take a 9 minutes walk to the North

From Sudirman go to platform 2 and take Yellow Line heading to Depok/Nambo/Bogor then stop at Depok Station and take a 9 minutes walk to the North

See the link map or the map below


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