@flona_jakarta 2016: The Garden Festival

The Jakarta Parks Agency will hold the Festival of Flora and Fauna in 2016 at Lapangan Banteng. Flora and Fauna exhibition is a permanent activity that has been organized by the Government of Jakarta since 1985.

Flona Jakarta Exhibition 2016 to be held on 5 August  2016 until 5 September 2016. The visitors will not have pay an entrance fee and open every day from 09:00 until 20:00 on weekdays. While on the weekend it will be open until 22.00

Flona Exhibition 2016 will be celebrated with the Garden Festival and brought the six themes, namely the Innovation Garden, Ethnic Garden, Smart Garden, Futuristic Garden, and Fantasy Garden which hopefully will give the impression to visitors.

All of the park will appear vibrant and colorful in the attractions of The Color of the Night with a mix of lighting system to be enjoyed at night.

flona jakarta 2016


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