TRAFI Helps You Explore Jakarta Without Fear

The main problem if you use public transportation in Jakarta is that the information is not integrated. It is not easy for first visitor to understand the main transportation system in Jakarta such as CommuterLine and TransJakarta

Each operator also have a separate application that is sometimes difficult when we want to travel to a certain place. I myself often use a google map if there is no CommuterLine route to that specific area. The issue by using Google Maps is that I need to be constantly connected to the internet

This time, I was lucky to find an application called TRAFI. The tagline of TRAFI is the World’s Most Accurate Public Transport App. Especially in Jakarta TRAFI combines two main public transportation modes, namely CommuterLine and TransJakarta. It helps for me who like to travels a lot with both modes of transportation. But you can also choose one of these two modes.

Interestingly there are a recommendations provided by TRAFI including instructions to travel to a particular place. From the inteface, it is a user-friendly application and more importantly they also operate offline

Another thing is the users of this application are provided a space to write an experience using Trafi. I see quite a lot of criticism of this application. But in general, this application is good enough to be used by me

Well, if you are interested to use TRAFI please download at PlayStore or on itunes or follow them @TRAFI_Indonesia

Note: Previously I would like to upload some screenshot from my phone, and I just realized that they are using GPS to pinpoint my location


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