The New Fare Scheme for riding @CommuterLine

The Ministry of Transportation announce new fare scheme for CommuterLine passengers. The new fare scheme will be implemented on 1st October 2016. The fare increase is inline with the Minister of Transportation Regulation 35/2016.

Zulfikri, Traffic Director of the Directorate General of Railways Ministry of Transportation explained, adjusting the rate at first 25 km. The company fare for the first 25 km is Rp. 6250 and the government allocate subsidy of Rp. 3250. The passenger will only pay Rp. 3000. And for the next 10 km and multiples, the fare from the company is RP. 2.500 and the government will subsidy Rp. 1.500. The passengers only pay Rp 1,000.

At a press conference in Jakarta Railway Center, Juanda, Central Jakarta, at Thursday, Zulfikri also explained the background of this tariff adjustment into account is the purchasing power of the people is increasing. Then, he said, the @CommuterLine has improved and the availability of PSO which conform the financial capacity of the government.


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