Happy New Year 2017: Our Achievement in 2016

Throughout 2016, we have successfully through many challenges to keep you come to this website. The website is also still maintaining a “niche website” that provides information on travel destinations along the commuter train stations in Greater Jakarta.

Therefore, let us convey various things that happened in 2016 and what we are trying to accomplish in 2017

  • Number of visitors                        : 300.843
  • Number of visitors per day         : 822
  • Average time on site                    : 1:04
  • Page / Visit                                   : 1,34
  • Top 5 Visitors origin                    : Indonesia, United States, Singapore, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia

The information above certainly is not quite encouraging for us. But we try to convey useful information, especially for any foreign travelers wishing to ride the commuter trains services in Greater Jakarta

Great and wonderful supports from our contributors become the most important source that makes us keep working hard so that we become one of the important source of information for travelers in Greater Jakarta.

Thank you and Happy New Year 2017


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