SHIA Express Train to Operate in Mid 2017

The land acquisition for the development of SHIA Express Train is 100% completed. Indonesia Railways Corporation or PT KAI may resume the construction of this project. President Director of PT KAI, Edi Sukmoro revealed, the company to complete the project by mid-2017 and began operations.

PT KAI has ordered 10 train set for the operation of the airport train. PT KAI is also planned, Jakarta Kota Station will also be used as a train stops to Soekarno-Hatta, apart from Manggarai Station.

With the operation of the airport train, PT KAI also planning to reset the commuter train route. The company is planning to abolish feeder line between Manggarai – Duri and to add Commuter Train trip from Bogor – Jatinegara. According to Agus Komaruddin, Vice President Communication of PT KAI, the adjustment by removing the feeder line will be done if the airport train is already in operation.

In the Train Journey Graph (GAPEKA) 2017 agreed the Ministry of Transportation and PT KAI, the number of commuter trains traveling on the Yellow Line is increased to 193 trips. While the commuter train on the Red Line is increase to 215 trips, on the Blue Line is increase to 153 trips, on the Green Line is increase to 179 trips, In Pink Line is increase to 42 trips. While on the Brown Line the trips is reduced to 80 trips

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