How to Ride a Commuter Train in Jakarta

As the capital and the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta has the longest rail network in the city. Commuter train operated in Jakarta known as KRL. The KRL network is not only in Jakarta but also to the satellite city of Jakarta, such as Depok, Bogor, Tangerang and South Tangerang, Bekasi, and even Rangkas Bitung

To find which station that KRL operates you can see the KRL Route Map. If you use the Google Map, you can also see this electronic map to determine the position of KRL station.

Of all the station, do not ever try to ride KRL at Gambir station, because KRL do not stop at Gambir station.

About KRL Ticket

If you want to ride KRL, you can buy one-way tickets or more famous by the name of Guaranteed Ticket (THB) with guaranteed money Rp. 10,000. This guaranteed money is refundable of you gove back the THB at the station. Alternatively, you can try to use the Multi Trip Ticket or known as KMT. The price is only Rp. 50.000 with Rp. 30,000 as the initial balance.

Please learn How to use THB and how to use KMT

Both types of cards can be bought at the ticket counter of KRL station. Or it could be purchased through vending machines. For the KMT, you can top uo the balance through the ticket counter or vending machines. This is how to use the vending  machine

But if you have some kind of bank card such as Flazz, e money, tap cash, and Brizzi, you can use those cards to ride the KRL, just do not forget to activate the card at the station. To activate the card please ask the station officer.

If you bring your kid to ride the KRL, there are some rules for kiddos.

Or you can also see an easy step to buy tickets here.

About the KRL Fare

the fare to ride the KRL is quite cheap. For the first 25 km it is only Rp. 3000 and for each additional 10 km is only Rp. 1000. Let’s not bother with the calculation of the costs. If you use the THB card just mention your destination station or pres the destination station in vending machines. If you use the KMT, as long as your balance is not less than Rp. 13,000 you can directly ride the KRL.

If there are some changes about the fare, please see here

Enter to KRL stations

By now the company only use the cashless ticket, then to go to the station you have to pass through an electronic door. Simply tap the ticket into the electronic readers. You should not be forget the rule, the tap-in using your left hand, and and tap out using the right hand.

This happens because the electronic door using a tripod models. So if you get in, the position the card reader is on the left. Meanwhile, if you get out, the position of the card reader is on the right.

At the station

Please note to information platform for understanding where you have to wait to ride KRL. If you are confused, please ask the station officer. Or consider to see the digital board at the station.

In the KRL train

In the KRL train you will not dizzy because there is an announcement submitted by officers in each station where the train will stop to pick up passengers. It is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia and English

You can bring baby stroller and a folded bike if you like.

Understanding the KRL Route Map

KRL network map is divided into 6 lines.
First the Green Line, the route is Rangkas Bitung / Maja / Parungpanjang / Serpong to Tanah Abang
Second the Brown Line, the route is Tangerang – Duri
The third the Yellow Line, there are two routes, namely Bogor / Depok – Manggarai – Tanah Abang – Duri – Kampung Bandan – Jatinegara pp then Nambo – Citayam – Manggarai – Tanah Abang – Duri – Kampung Bandan – Jatinegara
The fourth Red Line, the route is Bogor / Depok – Manggarai – Jakarta Kota
The fifth Blue Line, there are two route which are Bekasi – Manggarai – Jakarta Kota then the other route is Bekasi – Jatinegara – Pasar Senen – Kampung Bandan – Jakarta Kota
The sixth Pink Line, the route is Jakarta Kota – Kampung Bandan – Ancol – Tanjung Priok

There are some transit stations which is important to remember: Manggarai as the largest transit station, Tanah Abang, Duri, Kampung Bandan, Jatinegara and Jakarta Kota

So for example here, If you are from Tangerang and you want to Bogor then simply transit in Duri and then ride KRL heading to Bogor. If you want to go to Bekasi from Tangerang, you can transit in Duri then ride KRL toward Jatinegara. Transit in Jatinegara then ride KRL toward Bekasi. Or it could be transit in Duri, then ride KRL heading to Depok / Bogor / Nambo and transit in Manggarai and ride KRL toward Bekasi.

If riding KRL is your first experince, please understand these useful notes for you. To be honest, you can ride KRL with another way to have a sightseeing tour with less than USD 1. Or maybe you want to have a romantic ride with your loves one.

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