The History of Rangkasbitung Station

Rangkasbitung station is a station that is located at Jl. Stasiun Rangkasbitung, Rangkasbitung, Banten. Built in 1901, the station is intended to support the transportation from Rangkasbitung to Jakarta. At that time, Rangkasbitung is an industrial city based on agricultural industry and become the largest economic center in Banten.

As an economic center, Rangkasbitung highly dependent on the transportation to brought plantation and agricultural product to Batavia. The existence of this station becomes essential to support economic activities of Banten

This station is special because during the Japanese occupation, they built railways line between Saketi and Bayah with Romusha (forced labor). At that time Japan is in desperate need of coal as an energy source. This historic railway line connected to Rangkasbitung station before finally heading to Jakarta. A National Hero of Indonesia, Tan Malaka, also worked to oversee railway construction project between Saketi – bayah. And to honor the Romusha, the Government of Indonesia built a monument known as Tugu Tan Malaka in Bayah


Rangkasbitung Station is also a stopover for Mrs. Fatmawati, wife of the Soekarno the first Indonesian from Bengkulu. She had stayed in Rangkasbitung prior to Tanah Abang. She rode a train from Rangkasbitung Station to Tanah Abang


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    Such a meaningful history


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