Next Stop: Rangkasbitung!

The journey to Rangkasbitung is a bit hectic. I have to go to Angke Station first, to take some pictures of Angke Station. Before the Official Schedule of 2017 is released, the CommuterLine did not stop at Angke Station.  So I decide to go to Angke first to take some pictures of the station

The look of the Angke station did not change much. It still looks the same as in 2013 when I was visiting this place for the very first time. I think this in the only station in Jakarta which the building is also used as a traditional market. Basically the station is located in Pasar Buah Angke

angke_IMG_20170406_085003 Angke_IMG_20170406_085155

Then the journey began and I took a trip to Rangkasbitung from Tanah Abang station. It took about 1, half hour from Tanah Abang station. I got a seat a train and fell a sleep. I woke up when the commuterline nearly reach the Maja Station. I’ve been to Maja before, so decided just to look around the Maja station. Get outside for a while to enjoy the new building of Maja station

Then the train continues to go to Rangkasbitung. I try to look outside. There are some development between the Maja and Citeras. I knew the government to build the new project from Maja to Rangkabitung. They want to build double tracks between Maja and Rangkasbitung. I saw some power pole is already there. But the track is still empty. It takes time to build double track from Maja to Rangkasbitung

Then I finally arrive at Citeras Station. The station is quite small. Perhaps it used to be a shelter rather than a station. There were some benches in a quite small hall of the station. But I feel like I go back in 1970’s. Everything is different here especially the looks of the station. The only modern thing from station is the electronic gates.

The good thing about the station is it has 2 platforms. And the train is stop at the dedicated platform although the track between Maja and Citeras is still a single track. I remember the day when Tangerang – Duri is still single track. You did not knew where to wait, since the train from Duri or from Tangerang can go to platform 1 or 2

Waiting for the train to Maja needs a bit patient, since the schedule is not much as any train heading to parungpanjang for example. Well, the good things is I got plenty of time to take some pictures about Citeras station.

Finally, after waiting quite sometimes, the train was arrived. I continue my journey to Rangkasbitung. I see another development of power pole along Citeras and Rangkasbitung. Again, it is a preparation to have double tracks along Citeras dan Rangkasbitung

Then here we go, I arrived at Rangkasbitung Station. The station is an old station. It is part of the heritage building in Rangkasbitung. I feel the same atmosphere in Rangkasbitung station just like in Citeras stations. Everything looks old.

But I am happy; finally I complete my Station Project that you might see here and here


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