How to Top Up Your KMT Balance through ATM

If you use KMT to ride Commuterline, you may be aware how to top up balance through ticket counter or vending machine

But if you have KMT with Felica technology, you can also add your balance through various ways. You can add your balance through Alfamart convenient store which have special logo. The store usually located near the station

Now, you can also top up your balance through ATM. This is how to top up balance through ATM

  1. Make sure that your bank is the member of the ATM Bersama network.
  2. Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine and select the menu: transfer to another bank.
  3. Then press 98750070 + 13 digits KMT series number and press the Nominal balance


  • 987 is a bank code, 50070 is PT KCJ account, 13 digits of KMT series can be seen behind your KMT
  • There is a transfer fee of IDR 6500

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