Tahu Gejrot: A Chilly Squash Tofu

Tahu Gejrot is a tofu based snack originally from Cirebon. Tahu Gejrot is popular snack among children and adults, because the sensation of a distinctive taste. You have to eat with a small stick and then skew the tofu that has been cut into pieces.

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A tasty and spicy tofu snack that you must try

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For those who have ever tasted the Tahu Gejrot, they will be addicted to the blend of unique tastes that are sour, sweet, and spicy at the same time. Tahu gejrot is usually presented by using a small plate of pottery, so you will feel the traditional impression.

The sauce of Tahu Gejrot is made from garlic, red pepper, cayenne pepper, onion, green chili, brown sugar, and salt. Then add by acidic water, water and soy sauce.

You can find this snack nearby the CommuterLine Station. I usually find it at Manggarai Station.


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